Ahmed Elzoghbi, a Canadian Egyptian pharmacist and blogger. His videos on YouTube won millions of views where he shared his experience as an immigrant in Canada. Later, he had been nominated as one of the best Arab immigrants around the world.
His aim is to build an integrated effective community within the Canadian society, not an isolated ethnic group.

Ahmed is a human rights advocate and anti war activist. Moreover, he also created “Canadian Egyptian” group on Facebook, which became the largest Arab Canadians group on the internet, where he works on building links of respect and understanding between different cultures. 

Ahmed was born in Egypt to a big family “Elzoghbi”. His father was an engineer and his mother was a doctor. He married to Hala, "half Egyptian half Lebanese" pharmacist and they have two children.
After graduation from faculty of pharmacy, Ahmed gained experience through working in the health sector for the Egyptian government. After that, he started his own pharmacy. Meanwhile he was passionate about the humanitarian work of Red Cross organization. He joined them later and became of the most effective youth cadres in the Egyptian revolution events. His team helped thousands of violence victims during conflicts.

After immigrating to Canada, Ahmed shifted his career to the clinical research which is his field of specialty today.  Despite his overcrowded weekly schedule, he finds time to practice his favorite hobbies; cycling and aviation!

Academic Education
  • Bachelor of Pharmacy - Suez Canal University, Egypt
  • Postgraduate Degree in Biochemistry - Port Said University, Egypt
  • Certificate of Language Studies (English and French) - McGill Canadian University
  • Certificate of French Literature - Saint Laurent College of Canada

Professional certifications
  • Canadian Immigration Law Certificate - LaSalle College, Canada
  • Project Management Certificate – The American University, Egypt
  • Project Management Certificate - Ministry of High Education, Quebec, Canada
  • Project Management Certificate -  Leadership Academy - Denmark

Humanitarian field
  • International Humanitarian Law - International Committee of the Red Cross
  • Advanced First Aid Course - Egyptian Red Cross / Canadian Red Cross
  • Training of emergency teams - ICRC, Geneva
  • Psycho social support course - Danish Red Cross
  • Protection of Medical Service Providers - Norwegian Red Cross
  • Relief Team Supervisors - Canadian Red Cross
  • Counseling Course - Arab American Center for Social Studies
  • Global Warming Awareness Course, Harvard University via edx
  • Advanced First Aid - Egyptian Injury Conference - Egyptian Army
  • First aid in armed conflicts - Egyptian Red Cross
  • Emergency logistics course - Swiss Red Cross

Human Development Courses
  • Communication Skills Course - Cairo University
  • English Communication Course – The American University, Egypt
  • TOT – The American University, Egypt
  • Leadership Training - Leadership Academy - Denmark
  • Human Development Course – The American University, Egypt
  • Canadian Workplace - McGill University, Canada
  • Coexistence in Quebec Society - Ministry of Culture, Quebec

Technical Experience
It’s amazing that Ahmed built his coding knowledge by himself in a limited free time and transformed this knowledge to a business. Furthermore, he followed many online courses by Google and YouTube to master the online video production, which enabled him to reach out thousands of people around the globe.

It's a motivational story to many of his hundreds of thousand followers that everything is possible if want to achieve it.

  • Clinical Research Forum - Canada 2018
  • International Youth Forum - Canada 2006
  • Emergency Medicine Conference - Egypt 2015
  • Egyptian International Conference of trauma Injuries - Egypt 2015
  • Egyptian Conference of liver diseases - Egypt

  • The outstanding student - Ministry of Education, Egypt
  • Sports Excellence Award - Suez Canal University, Egypt
  • Honoring the Pharmacists Syndicate, Egypt
  • Honor shield of the Egyptian Red Crescent.

*In addition to a number of honors for volunteer work in Egypt and Canada.

Press and Television
Many newspapers, magazines and websites in Egypt and Canada wrote about Ahmed. In addition to some interviews in international TV stations.